You have arrived at one of the most unique Christian sites on the internet.

This site is dedicated to the building up of the church. It is based on what has worked and is working. Everything we talk about here can be shown to you in history or demonstrated to you in the world today.

Everyone's got theories. They call them teachings, but Jesus Christ said that a prophet is known by the results of his teaching (Matt. 7:15-20). Until it is lived out and can be demonstrated, it's not a teaching, it's just an opinion.

We really believe in only one thing. We believe in following God together under the Lordship of his Son, Jesus Christ, holding nothing back, having nothing in reserve, casting everything in the pot, one for all and all for one, till death pulls us even more together in the heavenlies in Christ.

My speech and preaching were not with enticing words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith would not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. ~ Paul the Apostle

This site gives you teachings that work. It tells you stories of how they've worked.

Know, however, that I have no intentions of pulling punches. Christianity in America is in shambles. It is an embarrassment to committed Christians, and it is an offense to God and to his Christ. If we don't change, that horrendous state of affairs will simply continue.

Let's not allow that.


Where to Start?

The most complete section is the salvation section. The most important section is the church section.

I have a history section, but now there's a whole Christian history web site. If you want to see church history, I suggest you go there.


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I am indebted to thousands of Christians, some famous, some not, for the teachings on this web site, none of which are my own. The world is not in need of new truth; it is in need of living by the truth already given by him who is The Truth.

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Christian History for Everyman, my SBI! site, gets 1000 visits a day versus a high of about 20 for this site. SBI! is well worth it; it costs less than $30/month.

“In stark contrast to the petty backbiting and self-centeredness that characterizes so much of the church today, this gathering of Christians [Rose Creek Village] is a living testimony of what the church should be; a harmonious body of believers loving and laying down their lives for one another.”
~ An Evangelical Pastor

"It was not in ... a righteousness-hungry heart that the revolting legal fiction of imputed righteousness first arose. Righteousness, God's righteousness, righteousness in their own being, in heart and brains and hands, is what such righteousness-hungry men and women want, not some make-believe pretend form of what is not righteousness but is called righteousness."
~ George MacDonald